The Accountable Case Manager

Internet Edition
By: Frederick Richmond and Manuel Valentin
ISBN: 978-0-97872
Library of Congress Control No. 200693188

The Center for Applied Management Practices, Inc., announces publication of The Accountable Case Manager, a primer for case managers and direct service workers to help them acquire a basic understanding of case management practices and the skills necessary to be successful in their job.

The techniques and strategies recommended in this book can be applied to any organization using case management practices as it relates to direct services to clients, issues of reporting and accountability, and the overall management of human services.

Internet Edition

Publication of this 128 page book coincides with its debut on the Internet. Similar to software products, all purchasers will have a user ID and password to a special web page dedicated to supporting The Accountable Case Manager. Support will include answers to the discussion questions following each chapter, additional practice exercises as they are added to the text, changes or enhancements to the text or tables, and a discussion forum for posting of ideas, comments, or answers to the discussion questions.

Schedule a One-Day Training Session

Publication of the Accountable Case Manager was originally inspired by a one-day case management course commissioned by the Kentucky Association of Community Action. The course has subsequently been offered in other states at conferences and independent training sessions. The book now serves as a companion text for the case management course. To schedule a training session, contact us at: 717-730-3705 or

Become a Certified Trainer

The Center for Applied Management Practices, Inc. (CAMP) is offering a program for persons interested in becoming certified trainers to teach The Accountable Case Manager course. Upon successful completion of the three day training program, candidates will be certified and will receive a license to teach the course. Certified trainers will then be able to establish their own training and fee schedule for offering the course in their own state or elsewhere as determined by CAMP. Trainers will receive affiliate status with CAMP and will be considered independent contractors. Contact CAMP at (717) 730-3705 or email us at for additional details.



Single copies of the book are available at $34.95. Discounts are available for two or more.

  • Book Reseller’s Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available to persons or organization qualifying as resellers. A reseller is authorized to sell The Accountable Case Manager to other persons and organizations. Contact CAMP at (717) 730-3705 or email us at for additional details.

El Manejador de Casos Responsable

Edición de Internet Los Autores: Frederick Richmond and Manuel Valentín
ISBN: 978-0-9787249-1-7
Library of Congress Control No. 200691086

Este libro fue escrito para apoyar el curso que lleva el mismo nombre y también sirve como un texto independiente para cubrir los fundamentos de manejo de caso como generalmente se llevan a cabo en una Agencia de Acción Comunal. Aunque nos dirigimos a la audiencia de Acción Comunitaria, el libro puede servir como un compendio

básico para otras organizaciones de base comunitaria sin fines de lucro u organizaciones gubernamentales locales.

Quién Puede Utilizar el Libro

Las técnicas y las estrategias recomendadas en este libro pueden ser aplicadas a cualquier organización que usa prácticas de manejo de caso dirigidas al servicio directo al cliente, cuestiones a reportar, problemas de responsabilidad y a la gerencia total de servicios humanos. Este también sirve como texto independiente para aquellos interesados en manejo de caso y ROMA y quien de otra manera no podrían tener acceso al curso.

The Accountable Agency

By: Reginald Carter, Ph.D
ISBN: 0-9787249-2-5


Originally published in 1983, The Accountable Agency is made available as an e-Book through the generosity of Reginald Carter, PhD and The Center for Applied Management Practices, Inc. It is this book that first introduced the seven key questions for managers of human services:

(1) How many clients are you serving?

(2) Who are they?

(3) What services do you give them?

(4) What does it cost?

(5) What does it cost per service delivered?

(6) What happens to the clients as a result of the service?

(7) What does it cost per outcome?

It is these same questions that today are the core of the ©Carter-Richmond Methodology™, nine questions that can be used to organize an agency’s data collection efforts, calculate return on-investment scenarios and answer key questions about the agency’s impact on its clients and the communities in which they live. These additional questions are:

(8) What is the value of a successful outcome?

(9) What is the return on investment?

A. Rate of Success: Divide the total number of successful outcomes by the total number of units of service.

B. Absolute ROI

1. Gross ROI: Multiply the total number of successful outcomes by the $ value of a successful outcome.

2. Net ROI: Subtract the cost of the total expenditures from the Gross ROI

C. Ratio: Divide the Gross ROI by the total expenditures.

The ©Carter-Richmond Methodology™ is currently used by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development for its annual SuperNOFA grant solicitation. It is this methodology that drives the HUD eLogic Model™ as both an application process and grant management tool.

The Accountable Agency in this Internet Edition is fully downloadable. It is available at no cost. We simply ask that you fill out the form below and consider providing a donation to support this effort.