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CAMP works in affiliation with organizations that share a common vision and purpose.

Temple University

NEST (Network of Evaluation and Training) – NEST provides nonprofit organizations with an independent, research-based approach toward increasing program effectiveness and organizational capacity. CAMP's case management training, the Helping Interview was developed jointly by staff from NEST and its graduate social work program.

Progress Resources, Inc.

PRI is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit management services organization established in 1989 to assist Community Action Agencies'(CAAs) and their partner/collaborator organizations obtain needed resources, training and management services for CAA boards and staff so they could successfully fulfill their organizations' mission. CAMP works directly with PRI consultant staff developing training materials, conference planning and on-site technical assistance and consulting.

Financial Health Institute

Provides innovative training and education programs to help individuals and organizations improve their financial and economic well-being. CAMP's catalog of training programs and courses are also available through FHI. The two organizations work together in curriculum development and developing technology to track and measure the impact of training on both the individual and the organization.

Bayaud Enterprises

Through Hope, Opportunity and Choice, Bayaud Enterprises, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization provides the means through which people with disabilities and other barriers to employment can more fully participate in the mainstream of life. Bayaud's success is due in part to its development of social enterprises and employment contracts providing the opportunity of sustainable employment for people with disabilities and those experiencing homelessness. CAMP shares staff with Bayaud Enterprises who in their Bayaud employment provide case management and IT support while working with CAMP, provide training on CAMP's eLogicModel® software application.

Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT)

ANCRT provides support and continuing education to Nationally Certified ROMA Professionals, collaborating with national, state, and local community action partners to improve the network's ability to achieve, document, report, and analyze results. CAMP works with ANCRT in the development and certification of ROMA professionals and training materials and curriculum development for national Community Action Network.

WorkLab Innovations

WorkLab Innovations is a national nonprofit network supporting the advancement, dissemination, and growth of investments that have a positive impact on frontline workers, their employers, and communities. At the core of our work is the Sustainable WorkForce Model, an employer-partnered approach to retaining, engaging, and developing frontline talent through practice, action and innovation.

WorkLife Partnership

WorkLife Partnership provides personalized and localized assistance to lower wage workers who need new skills and/or resources to address challenges such as finances, health, childcare or transportation – which endanger their ability to make a living, contribute to the economy and drive company productivity. We work directly with employers to support an engaged and stable workforce and help businesses tackle employee retention, productivity, and engagement issues – all while connecting workers to community resources that will help them overcome real life challenges.

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